A pendulum is a unique tool to help you gain insight when you are seeking clarity on a specific issue.  Pendulums act as a representation of what you deeply know on a higher level.  Some uses for a pendulum are:  (1) ask “yes” and “no” questions; (2) check the body’s energy centers; (3) balance the body’s chakras; and (4) enhance a healing session. 

We offer a variety of already created pendulums for sale. See all available pendulums here:

Each pendulum includes a drawing of your pendulum listing the crystals, a velvet bag for storage and information on how to use a pendulum.  For additional information on using pendulums for healing, there are a variety of videos on YouTube.


We also create custom-beaded pendulums using stones or colors that you resonate with.  We’ll discuss the pendulum point that would most contribute to you and then, during the creation process, I’ll tap into your energy to select the other complimentary stones that will be beaded on your pendulum.

If the pendulum point you desire is in stock, creation time is usually about one week.  Creation will take additional time if we specially order a pendulum point or complimentary stones for you.  Most pendulums are $33, although pendulum points such as Scolecite and Azeztulite are $44 and Auralite-23 are $77.  You will not be charged for a custom pendulum until you approve the final creation.

To discuss your custom pendulum, please call Jonda Watson at (830) 265-1283.