Past Life Readings

Who is this session for?

Anyone seeking information about and desiring to heal from events that happened in a prior or parallel lifetime.

What is a Past Life Reading?

A Past Life Reading provides greater awareness and clarity in your life.  When I open your Akashic Records to view your past lives, your Higher Self and Guides will reveal events from your past lives or parallel lives which are influencing the life you are aware of today.  Issues (sometimes known as “karma”) which are beneficial to be released are revealed by your Guides.

The Akashic Records are the “hidden library” in space, a hall of records of the subconscious mind.  Best understood in our technologically advanced reality as our “astral internet” or “Universal World Wide Web” where information is stored and can be accessed about anything, anyone, and at any time.

What is a session like?

I begin each Reading with a prayer asking for information which pertains to any intentions you may have to be revealed. It is helpful for you to have intentions for your session, although it is not necessary to share them with me. Your Guides will provide information in alignment with your intentions. 

Following the prayer, I will open your Akashic Records by placing my hands on the back of your head and will then begin relaying scenes to you that are being shown to me.  You may see the scenes as I relay them to you, and you may even see details that are not being shown to me. Remember, these are YOUR other lives! Some of your other lives may have had painful experiences.  For example, if this lifetime feels painful to you, your Guides may show you lifetimes with sadness so you can be aware of them.  You can then begin the process of healing and releasing that sadness.

Each Reading is individual to each person and is not predictable in advance of the session.  I “experience” the Reading along with each client and do not “create” the Reading. Most readings are profoundly transformative for my clients.

Reading of the Akashic Records is a highly sacred work that has the capacity to heal the Soul. For this reason, I only do Readings for this purpose and not as entertainment. Please know that all Past Life Readings are completely confidential and are done without any judgment.  My desire is to help each client gain clarity in their lives.

I was personally trained by Lois J. Wetzel, author of “Akashic Records: Case Studies” and “Reincarnation: Past Lives and the Akashic Records”.  Both books have been #1 best-sellers in the Transpersonal Psychology section of Amazon.  Reading or listening to Lois’s books may enhance your experience of receiving a Reading yourself.

At the end of your Reading, I’ll have you sit up slowly, drink some water and then we’ll chat about any questions you may have.

Following your session, an audio of your Reading will be emailed to you and you’ll have an additional 48 hours to ask any additional related questions.

How often should I have a Past Life Reading?

I would suggest having a Past Life Reading quarterly.  This gives your body plenty of time to incorporate the information from your Akhashic Records and the healing from your last session.  A quarterly session will give you additional information and healing from your Guides and Higher Self for the next season of your life.

What is the cost of a Past Life Reading?

90-minute session – $188.00

Are there any Prerequisites for a Past Life Reading?

Clients must have attained the age of 18 years before scheduling an appointment for a Past Life Reading.

To schedule an appointment, please use the button below, call Jonda Watson at (830) 265-1283 or email to [email protected]