Our Mermaid Blessings boxes are created to empower you through each season of the year. Every box contains 6 beautiful specially selected crystals, and additional treasures such as soaps, aura sprays, teas and unique works of art.

Mermaid energy allows you to go with the flow and empowers you to swim upstream with ease when required. Tapping into this energy helps you find the jewel in every situation and to use your voice to sing your desires into existence.

These boxes are created in limited quantities and the products in each box is valued at over $68.00

Our Summer Box includes the following stones:  Fossilized Shiva Shell Heart, Ocean Jasper Heart, Peacock Ore (rough), Chrysocolla (rough), Sunstone (tumbled) and Tiger’s Eye (tumbled). Additional treasures are “Dance Calypso Dance” 4 x 6 print by Rachel Payne, Mermaid Goat Milk Soap by Becca Harton, Mermaid Blessings Crystal Elixir Aura Spray, Mermaid Summer Tea and a Mermaid Meditation.  

Mermaid Blessings Summer Box: $44.44

Extra bonus: The Summer Box also includes a complimentary gift certificate for a 30-minute “Adventuring Beyond the Sea” session with Jonda Watson to empower you to create more fun and adventure in your life! (Regular price $50.00).