Body Harmony Session

Imagine erasing programs, imprints and limitations stored in your body from all your lifetimes that are holding you back from experiencing better health and mobility.

Who are Body Harmony sessions for?

Body Harmony sessions are for those who are seeking ease and relief from pain, tension, stress, limitations, and suffering.

What is Body Harmony?

Every cell of your body is in communion with every other cell of your body, creating a perfect harmony.  As a result of injuries, illness, and trauma (physical, mental and emotional), your cells can fall out of harmony with each other, similar to a woodwind section being out of harmony with the rest of an orchestra.

Body Harmony allows the body to unwind and align into more balance, so your cells can communicate more effectively with each other. It also helps you become more aware of what your body is communicating to you. It’s like learning a new energetic language… learning how to listen to and communicate with your body can create greater ease, space, joy and possibility for you and your body.

What is a session like?

I have a welcoming treatment room in my home.  We’ll chat a bit before beginning your session.  This is a “no judgment zone” and everything we discuss is completely confidential.  You’ll remain fully clothed but will remove your shoes prior to lying down on a massage table.  Body Harmony sessions may include lying on your back, your side or your stomach or even sitting in a chair. It is important to be relaxed during your session, so we’ll always discuss what is the most comfortable position for you.

Your session will include light touch, either gently on the body or slightly above the body in your energy field. Although each body is different, you may notice tingling sensations, unwinding in areas that feel constricted, and/or energy flowing throughout your body. As energy moves, you may feel emotions consistent with injuries you’ve had in the past being released.

During your session, you are welcome to relax and fall asleep or to chat a bit.  Sometimes, talking helps you release further limitations and points of view you have about your body.

After your session, you will sit up slowly, drink some water and we will discuss any awarenesses either of us have had during your session.  I may have some handouts for you or suggest some videos that may give you further tools to create more change in other areas that you’re seeking change.

What is the result of a Body Harmony session?

Body Harmony sessions unwind and release programs, imprints and limitations, creating change in the structure and form of your body and your energetic body systems.  The result is feelings of relief and increased ease with movement and function.  These sessions utilize the innate intelligence already in the body to liberate and bring lasting relaxation and healing. 

How often should I have a Body Harmony session?

“How often would your body like a Body Harmony session?” is a question we can explore based on what you and your body would like to release, and, also what you would like to create with your body.

Special packages are offered for clients who want regular sessions.

What is the cost of a Body Harmony session?

75-minute session – $122.00

Ask about our special pricing on packages!

How do you schedule an appointment?

To schedule an appointment, please use the button below, call Jonda Watson at (830) 265-1283 or email to [email protected].